Stellar OM Source – 'Joy One Mile'

This is one of my favorite electronic records of 2013: 'Joy One Mile' by Stellar OM Source. Read the full album description over at RVNGIntl. The jacket design was done by Will Work For Good.


Sometimes you feel that you’re getting really close to what being alive means, be it learning about distant planets or being grounded by life’s occasionally heavy burden... Joy One Mile grew from the consciousness of such moments. When I listen to it, I see myself walking through a pouring rain at night with headphones on, embracing both the misery and ecstasy.
— Christelle Gualdi

Music by Stellar OM Source.
Vocals on “Par Amour” from Lovie’s “Motions Of Love (Accapella)”
Mix and arrangements by Gunnar Wendel.
Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
Art direction by Will Work For Good. Photos by De Cinq à Sept.
©2013 RVNG Intl. /

Planningtorock – 'Human Drama'

Planningtorock is a hero of mine. She produces intelligent, thought-provoking (and often haunting) music. Her vocals are usually pitch-shifted, rendering her voice genderless. In an age of meaningless pop music dominating the airwaves, Planningtorock is a most welcome departure. Today she shared 'Human Drama,' the lead single taken from her forthcoming third LP, 'All Love's Legal.' The 'Human Drama' single artwork was designed by Planningtorock and graphic designer Martin Falck (who I also find to be exceptionally inspiring). 'All Love's Legal' will be released on February 10th, 2014, Just in time for Valentine's Day.