Craft System™ by UM Project

I have been absolutely mesmerized by these modular, retro-futuristic forms that made their debut at the Wanted Design show during 2012 New York Design Week / ICFF. They are part of a modular lamp collection called Craft System™, designed by Brooklyn-based François Chambard (the founder of UM Project).

Craft System "takes a system approach to craft, blurring the line between the mass-produced and the handmade." A single Corian base provides the foundation for an LED Grid or small incandescent light bulbs—a large dial on the face of the base allows users to adjust the light setting. Modular tops and bottoms combine to create an infinite number of playful lighting options. While most of the designs are functioning lamps, there is also a working theremin and a design that houses a small, live tree.

The scale of these forms was surprising to me. When looking at photos from the UM Project website, there is no point of reference for their size, but when I stumbled upon photos from the Inhabitat blog (which you can see in the gallery below), I discovered just how large they really are.