LED motion graphics for Codame fashion + tech event in San Francisco

I designed the LED motion graphics for this outfit which was presented at the Codame wearable tech fashion event in San Francisco on June 26th, 2013. The outfit was designed by Becca McCharen of New York City-based fashion house Chromat and the LED display technology was developed by Anders Nelson of San Francisco-based technology company Erogear.

Watch video below showing my designs in action on the LED display.

fashion design: Chromat (Becca McCharen) | chromatgarments.com
LED display technology: Erogear (Anders Nelson) | erogear.com
LED motion graphics: Dustin Maberry | dustinmaberry.com
model: Julie Bedecarre | raeagency.com
hair and makeup: Teresa Reynolds | teresa-reynolds.com

photo by Alton Sun 

photo by Alex Stover 

photo by Erogear (Anders Nelson) 


video documentation by Erogear (Anders Nelson)